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☕︎ Commissions: Open

☕︎ Last Update: MAY 2021

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The order form is linked at the bottom of this guide.

The prices in each tier are base, or starting prices for single-character/subject projects. If the subject is more detailed or complex, the price will be adjusted accordingly. Final quotes will always be given before an invoice is created. Invoices will not be sent until both artist and commissioner are in agreement on the total price for a project.

All prices are in USD. Payments and invoices will be made through Paypal unless otherwise indicated (art specials typically use Ko-Fi).

Full payment policy, including information on usage, cancellations, and refunds, is available in the Terms of Service.



Hips/Waist Up.
Head to Toes - entire body contained in canvas.
(All project sizes include simple clothing/accessories.)
* Starting. More complex/detailed subjects may alter project pricing.
✨ Favorite Project Type!
These are fast, fun projects for me and allow me to try some new stuff from time to time (like brushes, especially). Turnaround on these is pretty quick (depending on the queue, of course).



What does Illustration Style mean?
Focuses on Line-Fidelity, shading has stronger edges, close to 'Cel Shading' / 'Storybook'. This is meant to be a happy medium between Sketchy work and Rendered both time- and cost-wise.

Hips/Waist Up.
Head to Toes - entire body contained in canvas.
(All project sizes include simple clothing/accessories.)
* Starting. More complex/detailed subjects may alter project pricing.
These take time to complete ⏳
Illustrations tend to be bigger projects and can take time to complete, especially if waiting on client feedback. Turnaround on these can exceed the usual 3-week window depending on details. I may be choosy about which of these types of projects I'll take on.

R E N D E R E D / P A I N T E D

What does Renderd/Painted mean?
More linelessness, smooth 3D shading, high detail. May have some overlap with Illustration Style depending on details.

Hips/Waist Up.
Head to Toes - entire body contained in canvas.
(All project sizes include simple clothing/accessories.)
* Starting. More complex/detailed subjects may alter project pricing.
These take time to complete ⏳
Digital Renders / Paintings are bigger projects and can take time to complete, especially if waiting on client feedback. Turnaround on these can and usually will exceed the 3-week window depending on details. I may be choosy about which of these types of projects I'll take on.


CHIBI: $30
Clean, crisp lines and bright colors with illustration grade shading and highlights.
ICONS/EMOJI: $15 (Starting)
Small-Canvas Projects for use across many platforms.
PIXEL THINGS: Inquire for Quote
Not widely offered, not a lot of examples yet.
Cel-Shade Illustration style busts or chibis with embellishments and framing. Simple Shading/Highlights.
D&D TOKEN: $35
Hip-Up Illustrated portrait of your character in a circular field, includes 1 simple prop (like a staff, bat, familiar).
✨ Favorite Project Type!
These are fast, fun projects for me and allow me to try some new stuff from time to time (like brushes, especially). Turnaround on these is pretty quick (depending on the queue, of course).


These prices are for illustrations. Backgrounds for sketches are discounted at 50%.
BASIC: Included
Transparent Background, Single Colors or Gradients, etc
Partial Coverage / Pop-Out / Form and Shadow. Scene Setting without being full detail.Best option for illustrations, won't detract from foreground.
RENDERED: $60 (Starting) 
Full Coverage / Full Detail. Price may be adjusted upward based on project complexity and detail.Best option for Rendered Paintings, but not the only option!


All commission types are available for non-humanoid characters and subjects (providing said subjects are not outside the scope of the Terms of Service). Depending on the complexity of character/project content, there will likely be a ‘critter discount’ applied (and explained) to the quote of your project.

For instance, a Chibi type of commission may be $15 for an MLP character with a relatively simple design (would not include clothing).

As stated at the top of this page, you will receive a quote before any invoicing/work begins, so there’s no harm in submitting a slot request if you’d like to see if your critter character is eligible.


Clothing and Accessories:

In each tier’s base price range, a simple non-patterend outfit is included. Simple outfits include things like pants/jeans/slacks/skirt, tunic/sweater/hoodie/blouse/vest, and some minor accessories like earrings/rings/necklace/crown.

If your project includes extra clothing, accessories, formal wear, or the items are patterned (plaid, polka dots, stripes) 10-20% of the full project cost will be added on for each subject/character wearing more detailed clothing.

Armor, Weaponry, and Props:

These elements are not included in the base price for each tier and will be priced individually based on complexity.

At this time, any armor more complex than ‘enhanced leather armor’ is not available. It is possible to simplify some pieces of armor to look more sturdy than formal wear in order to give the character that ‘adventurer’ look. If you’re aiming for this type of outfit, we can absolutely discuss it during the quote-building process!

Additional Characters:

If more than 60% of the additional character(s) is(are) visible, that character will be priced as an individual subject. [Example: Sketch, Half-Body, 2 characters; if character #2 is over %60 visible, the total for both characters will be $70]

If less than 60% is visible, there may be a discount (and/or lower tier base cost) for the additional character. [Example: Sketch, Full-Body, 2 characters; character #2 is only visible from the shoulders up, would be priced as a portrait/bust instead. Therefore, character #1 = $45, character #2 = $20; subject total: $65]


Human and Humanoid Characters
Anthro /Furry Characters
Feral Animal Characters
Cheesecake / Tasteful Nudity / Suggestive
Violence / Minimal Gore (Fictional Settings Only)
LGBTQ+ Friendly
Couples / Poly / Romance / Mushy
FAVES: Chibis, portraits, smaller projects


Armor (Medieval, Fantasy, Tribal)
Weaponry (Medieval, Fantasy, Tribal)
Middle Age Technologies/Objects


Copyrighted Characters
Mech / Machines
Non-Fictional Hateful/Prejudiced Subject Matter
Armor (Sci-Fi/High Tech/Futuristic)
Weaponry (Sci-Fi/High Tech/Futuristic)
Underage Characters outside of age-appropriate subject matter
X-Rated Content

What are small projects?

Small projects can often be done in a single art session. The following things are considered small projects.

• Single Subject
• Colored Sketches
• No/Simple Clothing
• No/Transparent/Single Color Background
• Chibi (flat color)
• Portraits/Icons/Art Specials

How 'bout large ones?

Most often, large projects are comprised of the following:

• Multiple subjects
• Full Body
• Detailed Clothing
• Illustrations
• Backgrounds (can include pop-outs if details are desired).


There may be some crossover between what are usually cagegorized as small & large projects; each incoming project is weighed individually based on requested details/content.

Recategorization won't affect the project quote; it's simply to help determine where it will go in the queue and whether or not a project will exceed the usual turnaround time.

All potential clients are required to read and agree to these Terms of Service (referred to as the TOS from here on) before any project discussion or invoicing take place. Failure to abide by the TOS may result in commission cancellation at the artist’s discretion with the potential for a partial or full refund. Repeated failure to abide by the TOS may result in a refusal of future business.

An Introductory Note About Commissions (Required Reading)

Entering into a commission agreement with me means that you will receive art drawn by me, in my style/with my interpretation, to the best of my abilities. Please be aware that I am not a mind reader, and the information you give me to work with (be it visual or written reference) is extremely important!

You are welcome to be as detailed or as vague as you like when it comes to what you want for your commission. Keep in mind that if your details are vague, I will use artistic license and my best judgment.

Be advised that the success of the commission depends not only on me, but also on client ability to clearly explain and describe what it is you wish to have drawn. Reference sheets are a fantastic tool that can remove a lot of guess work and I highly recommend them. I can work from written descriptions, but prefer having them in addition to visuals.

As stated above, you are welcome to be vague or even -request- that I take artistic liberties with the subject. I greatly enjoy having room to be creative. I also welcome commissioners who know exactly what they’re looking for, providing that they understand that I am only human, I cannot read minds, and it is up to them to help me see their vision as they see it.

Making sure clients receive their art in a reasonable time frame is something I consider to be immensely important. Turn-around time for standard commissions is generally no more than three weeks from the date that the invoice is paid in full. If there will be delays due to unforeseen circumstances, you will be notified directly and I will do my best to provide you a revised completion date. Flexibility in this is greatly appreciated! Medium and Large projects will more often than not have a completion date outside of the two weeks.

2021 NEW: My art is not N/F/T friendly and should never be turned into a token under any circumstances. Any client, patron, or follower of my work that chooses to ignore this will be blacklisted and DMCA'd.

All commissions must be paid in full before work begins.*

I accept Paypal primarily. On Deviant Art, I will also (sometimes) accept Points equal to a commissions standard USD Value.

Example: An icon/avatar that is $10 USD would cost 1000 points.

After an invoice is sent, payment is expected within three days unless other arrangements are made. If the payment period lapses, the commission will be considered cancelled. If an invoice is paid after that period, it will be refunded in full.

You will receive an invoice from me at the email address you have supplied on your order form, so please be certain that you list your paypal address.

*Commissions with an end cost higher than $100 may be paid in installments. This is up to artist discretion and may not be available for all projects.

Revision Policy

Revisions are done on a case-by-case basis for smaller items such as con-badges, icons, small bust portraits, and sketches themselves. Acceptable reasons for revisions on small items might include color/marking correction or the addition of missing details (If I have forgotten something, let me know and I will revise!). This is included in price quote.

The artist works very quickly. If you wish to see the linework prior to any coloring in order for your commission to be fine tuned, you must request it up front. Otherwise, the artist will assume that all details have been given in the initial discussion and will work accordingly.

Additional sketch revisions to fine-tune a piece will not be charged unless deemed excessive. Revisions are intended to refine or correct a piece, not draw something entirely different. Excessive or additional large-scale revisions will be discussed with the client first; options at that point will include a $10-$25 revision fee or the option of cancelling the commission minus the value of the piece at the time of cancellation. (Please refer to the introductory section of this document, specifically the paragraph about being clear in your commission requests!)

Prohibited Subject Matter

Subjects the artist will not draw under any circumstance include the following: underage or underage-appearing characters ¹ performing or participating in acts that are not age appropriate, fetish art, blatant sexual imagery ², copyrighted characters, hateful/prejudiced subject matter ³.

Violence/gore are considered on a case-by-case basis.

The artist will NOT emulate the styling of another artist by request.

Subjects such as cars, other vehicles, modern firearms, and other complex technology are not accepted due to the artist’s current skill level with those subjects.

Mechanical-organic creatures, medieval armor, bladed weapons, middle age technologies, and similar are accepted subjects. If you are in doubt, ask.

The artist reserves the right to decline drawing any subject matter at their discretion.

¹ Underage characters: Any commission in which underage characters appear must also have an age-appropriate theme.
² Images which depict sexual acts will not be available for general commission.
³ As this is a difficult topic to sum up, this will fall under the case-by-case basis exercised for violence/gore subjects. Projects that appear to be intended to cause harm to real persons by any means will be an automatic no from me.

Regarding Refunds/Cancellations

Refunds are issued when a commission is cancelled. Clients may cancel at anytime.

Commissions cancelled before work begins will be refunded in full (please keep PayPal fees in mind when receiving a refund). If work on a commission has already begun, the client will receive a digital copy of the amount of work completed as well as a partial refund. If a client wishes to cancel a commission once it has reached the final coloring or rendering stage, no refund will be issued.

The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission and issue a refund due to unforeseen circumstances, poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, harassment, failure to abide by the TOS, or an inability/unwillingness to communicate in clear English.

Additional Information for Clients

1. Commission details and references should be provided in the order form and will not be accepted via IMs/DMs. Corrections to information submitted in the form can be made by email (nalukahvi(AT)gmail(DOT)com). This is to ensure that all relevant information to your commission remains in the same place, to reduce the risk of details being forgotten or missed entirely, and also to keep a record of requests / alterations if they occur. Clients wishing to receive work-in-progress updates via Discord are welcome include their Discord Username (Including numbers) in the first page of the order form; I will do my level best to keep in touch throughout the process of your piece!

Please do not contact me expecting a sound-boarding session about a commission idea - this takes away from work time for me and I’m not available to bounce ideas off of. A couple of quick questions are okay, but that should be the extent.

2. The artist wishes to be warm and welcoming to clients; this does not mean however that the artist is available for casual chat. Commissions are a business transaction and should politely be treated as such. (I have large amounts of gratitude for this understanding; it makes the commission go by smoothly and quickly without interruptions).

3. Deadlines should be discussed with the artist prior to payment, otherwise it will be assumed that the usual turn-around time for a standard commission is acceptable. (I do my best to work in a timely fashion, but if the piece is due for a particular occasion I must know in advance. Also let me know if I should refrain from posting until a certain date, if the art is meant to be a gift for someone else!) Clients can expect to receive their completed pieces within four weeks of payment received for standard commissions depending on their project's place in queue. Medium to Large projects often require extra time based on detail; if your project counts as either medium or large you will be notified prior to and again during the invoicing process.

4. The artist retains full rights to the artwork itself; the client owns the original (in the case of traditional works) and the characters depicted. The client has permission to use the image for personal icons, banners, and wallpapers. They may not use it in any commercial fashion. Clients may also create prints for their own private use of a digital work. The artist may in the future use the client’s art to advertise her own work and may use rejected sketches for future work. (My work is protected by copyright with all rights reserved.)

5. The client must provide clear and concise reference images and/or descriptions of any characters to be depicted as well as a concise description of their commission idea if artistic liberty is unwanted. If a client tells the artist to have free reign and be creative, the artist will do exactly that!
If this section seems redundant from the introduction, it is because the artist wishes for the importance of this particular point to be quite clear.

6. Price quotes are exactly that: quotes. Prices may go up or down depending on complexity of a character, background, pose, or idea. You are not obligated to purchase from me once you have a quote. Likewise, prices can and will undergo revisions and will be reflected in the guide. If a commission type’s price changes and you already have a slot of that type currently on my to do list, you will not be expected to pay the difference.

7. Be advised: you are paying for labor and a high-resolution copy of the finished product. You are not purchasing the copyright to the finished product. You are not purchasing the rights to edit or deface the finished product. If you wish to make edits, yourself, to the finished product, it is required that you contact me with the request before doing so. It is not okay to deface my works or to repost them without credits or with the watermark removed.

8. Finished work may be re-posted to your (the commissioner’s) personal galleries or sites providing proper credit is clearly listed. Links back to the original posting of the commission are HIGHLY appreciated. Reposting of my works is not permitted on the following sites: Pinterest, SoFurry. Please do not post my work there, if you have, please remove it.

9. The artist reserves the right to decline or refuse commission requests for any reason.

10. Work by this artist is not to be tokenized or turned into any kind of NFT/Cryptocurrency of any kind.

Questions? Concerns?

If you’re unsure of something listed here in my TOS, you may ask questions here, or email me at nalukahvi [at] Gmail [dot] com.


N a l u k a h v i

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
This art special features the following content:

💫 800x800px Aesthetic Portrait of your Character of Choice!

💫 Portraits are Cel Shaded, and Characters will have glasses and glossy jackets, but eyes will still be visible.

This type of project is WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) as most art specials are. Revisions are not possible except in the case that I forgot something that you put into the form below here, in which case it's AOK to remind me and I'll fix it!

The order form (linked below) will contain all the pertinent info for the special!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
SLOTS: $25 ea
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •